How you can still be successful.. even if you haven't got your sh*t together

How you can still be successful.. even if you haven't got your sh*t together

Part 1.

This blog is the transcribed version of our blog "The Glamour Code" as hosted by our founder Erin Watt. We have broken it up into bite size pieces however if you want to listen to the complete podcast, you can do so HERE for Apple iTunes, or HERE for Spotify.


Speaker 1: (00:00)

Welcome to The Glamour Code. This is the very first episode and I thought it would be best to firstly introduce myself and give a bit of my background and what I've been up to in the lead up to the journey to building (or creating really) in the first place Glamour Glasses. If you don't know me already, my name is Erin Watt and I am the owner of Glamour Glasses. I started the company in September last year and are now in our ninth month. We're still very much a startup but we're in the growth phase now. So really scaling things and seeing where things can go. I do share a lot on the Glamor Glasses page but I kind of wanted to differentiate the pages now that it's growing a little bit more and build up my personal profile so that I can share a little bit more.


Speaker 1: (01:04)

That's not really relevant for the Glamour Glasses page also. have no plan of what I'm going to say today. I'm just winging it. I literally had a thought last night that I should create a podcast and I've had people say it to me in the past and I thought, Oh, I don't really want to commit to it because unless I can be consistent and show up at least weekly, then it's kind of pointless. But I had this thought last night and then this morning I was like, yeah, I'm going to do it. I'm going to have my own create my own podcast. So yeah, here I am. Um, like I said, I have no plans of really what I'm going to say, but I guess I thought I'd just start at the beginning. So I do have a university degree.


Speaker 1: (01:48)

I did a public relations degree but if I had my time again, would I do it? Probably not. I feel like degrees, especially these days are really overrated. A lot of what I did made up of marketing and communications and a lot of what I learned is just super non-relevant in today's world. We didn't learn about social media. We didn't learn about Instagram or Facebook or influences. And it's kind of like the universities and the big guys, they don't want to consider that things have actually moved in that direction now, but they certainly have. So now, if I had my time again, I probably wouldn’t bother. What it did do though, is it led me onto this path of ambition. I guess you could say I've always been ambitious. I've always wanted to do more growing up in a household with a single parent who had three kids by 24. My mum had it tough. I mean, we never really went without but it was like, we knew that we couldn't have the extra things that we wanted.


Speaker 1: (02:42)

I guess you  could say that's where the ambition kind of come from. So while I was at university, I worked at a doctor's surgery and I worked there for quite some time. I was asked by a couple of the doctors who were leaving and going to open a new practice if I wanted to leave and help them run it; set up the new practice which I did. I worked very, very long hours to get it off the ground. I think it was about 12 to 14 hours a day. I got it set up and I loved it. And I mean, as I have gotten older, I have less energy, but back then I was just, I was doing like 14 hour days and I was going to uni as well.


Speaker 1: (03:32)

And I loved it but I always wanted to do something of my own, but I never really knew what. I didn't have much experience after my degree so I knew I couldn't just create a PR company. I couldn't even get a job coming out of uni in PR because it was just a small number of companies .Supply and demand; the number of companies compared to the number of students that were trying to get into it, there just wasn't enough. So a lot of the companies at the time, they just did internship after internship and wouldn't give anyone a job really. I went a few years in between different kinds of jobs and nothing really sat well with me. There was nothing that I thought it was just kind of like an ego.


Speaker 1: (04:23)

Like I've got to do something of my own. I've always been really creative and, um, just wasn't really sure what it was. So a lot of my twenties, I mean, I'm 32 now, but a lot of my twenties was just total trial and error. Um, and I guess you could say my first taste of the business life was in a MLM company or network marketing. And while that wasn't totally for me at the time, um, well like just, it's not really for me in general, but it really set up the foundation and what they do with network marketing is if you want to do something, but you don't know what they have really good structures and frameworks for you to be able to have your own thing going on. And it's also where I first learned about and started practicing personal development and growing myself and investing in myself.


Speaker 1: (05:21)

So while it wasn't for me, it was definitely the start of the journey. So after that, I did that until I really threw myself into it. It was a company called MLSP my lead system pro and they taught, they taught attraction, marketing, they more sold, uh, just the, the courses and things that the leaders within the company who were big earners, um, half a million million dollar earners, uh, the things that they had. So they was telling all of those. And I really learned a lot about attraction. And if you don't know what that is, it's basically where you are giving out content for free in order to attract the right audience to you. So then you can sell them a product or a service at a later time, which totally makes sense because everything at the moment is just really over saturated and you really need to stand out amongst the crowd, um, to be able to be able to stand out.


Speaker 1: (06:20)

So I did that and I really threw myself into it and I was going through a really bad time. Um, I had moved to New Zealand, I had sold everything I owned with my daughter who was almost two at the time. It was around just before Christmas time. And I was asked to go start a company with somebody who was a really top of a, um, newspaper company who was made redundant, um, in New Zealand. And we're going to start like PR kind of media outlet. So of course me being as ambitious as I was jumped at the opportunity sold, everything had moved over there and things, I just got a bad vibe. As soon as I got there, things just weren't planning out. There was no business kind of stuff that we would be working towards. And then the people who are staying with come to Australia on holiday.


Speaker 1: (07:11)

So I was there by myself with no car, my daughter and just feeling really homesick. And then, yeah, I just realized like this wasn't for me. So I come back, I think it was maybe two or three weeks later. I caught a flight with my daughter and I had no way to leave, went and stayed with my auntie in Queensland. And it was just like, what the fuck am I going to do with my life? Like, I've just sold everything. I have nothing besides a couple of suitcases. And then, yeah, I threw myself into these, my lead system pro and for a couple of months, I think it was maybe four to six months. Every single day I was doing what they said. I was putting out YouTube content. I was doing everything blogging every day and that really definitely laid the foundation for everything that I am doing now, I guess.

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