What the heck is blue light?

Put simply, blue light is part of the visible light spectrum – the light we can physically see (ultraviolet and infrared light are outside the visible light spectrum). 

Artificial blue light is emitted from digital screens, electronic devices, plus LED and fluorescent lights.

Blue light also comes from sun exposure (UV rays) which we all need in small doses however artificial blue light becomes harmful as we spend excessive time exposed to it.

So much so that a study conducted by Lonergan Research found that Australians spend an average of 9.4 hours per day exposed to screens compared to office workers who spend an average of 11.4 hours exposed. Considering the average time spent sleeping per day is 7.3 hours, this is a scary statistic!  

It's Impact on Eye Strain, Fatigue & Headaches

The digital eye strain we get from being glued to our screens can become a serious medical issue with symptoms such as dry, itchy, burning or red eyes, blurred vision, fatigue, headache and neck, shoulder and back pain.

We become tired and irritable, tense and unfocused which impacts learning and productivity so much so that eye strain has overtaken carpal tunnel syndrome as the number one computer related complaint

This occurs because our eyes aren’t designed for the digital world. Over time, HEV light scatters in the eye, reducing contrast and making it difficult to focus.

Having trouble sleeping at night? You're not alone!

Overexposure to blue light during the day and before bed compromises our melatonin levels and circadian rhythm which creates misaligned sleeping patterns.

Blue light is present during the suns rays during the day and less at night which allows the body to produce melatonin freely which signals the body that it’s time for sleep.  Exposure to blue light disrupts this making it harder to get a good nights rest. This explains why we feel more tired in the mornings.

Blue Lights Impact on Ageing

There is mounting evidence to suggest that blue light contributes to photo ageing including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and worsening skin laxity.

This means that the light that is penetrating into your skin is also penetrating in and around your eyes potentially causing you to appear older than you actually are. This is due to the skin around your eyes being one of the thinnest and most sensitive in the body.


GLAMOUR GLASSES are not just any ordinary blue light glasses. They offer UV400 protection and block 96% of blue light. We have worked with our manufacturer to create a top quality product by adding protective layers to optical glasses consisting of an anti blue light coating and anti scratch coating. 

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