Hi 👋 I'm Erin, the founder behind Glamour Glasses. I've always been entrepreneurial, I'm super creative and love building something from nothing that brings value to thousands of womens lives. 

I always wanted to wear glasses

When I was younger I always wanted to wear glasses. My friends who HAD to wear glasses didn't get it (they still don't). After complaining to my mums that my eyes hurt to read and an exaggerated eye test at OPSM, I was the owner of a brand new pair of specs. While they were an extremely light prescription, I found myself wearing them everywhere I could. I would whip them out in class and feel smarter. I would dress up in different outfits and style them accordingly. Hell, I even felt like I was looked at a bit differently when I did wear them, taken more seriously I guess.

Fast forward 20 years and not that much has changed. The glasses I wear now (along with thousands of women across the globe) are non-prescription blue light glasses. I remember when I saw an ad for a pair a few years ago on Instagram. I was ecstatic to see that this was becoming a trend and it was not only acceptable, but there was now a reason to wear glasses as an adult!

They were horrible quality but I wore them everywhere

After ordering the blue light glasses and paying $80, they arrived without a case, still in the plastic ziplock bag drop-shipped direct from China and they were horrible quality. Yet, I wore them everywhere, as I did when I was a kid.

They made me feel cute, people told me they suited me, they actually helped reduce my headaches and eye strain from starting at the computer screen all day long and they made me feel a weird sense of control. 

They made me feel cute and people often complimented me

Fast forward a few years after a failed previous business, I took the dive into ecommerce and creating frames that were the exact same quality as optical frames you would purchase from stores such as OPSM.

This is just some of what our customers say about this:

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"I get so many comments on them and they make me feel so pretty. I work at a computer all day. The best part of all is that, I swear, my eyes feel less strained AND I’m sleeping better!" - Tammy G.

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"I have noticed such a massive difference since wearing these, I can sleep better and I no longer get tension headaches." - Renee R.

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"My eyes get super strained and sore, so these glasses have been an absolute lifesaver! I wear them everyday! Highly recommend to anyone to use!" - Lisa P.

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"incredible !!! I love them so much and everyone keeps telling me how good they look." - Baillie N.