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Foxy - Blue Light Glasses
Monica Gonzalez

They are nice looking. But it fits tight. Also, I thought I ordered the white clear glasses so I was surprised to receive these. I tried to return them but I couldn’t find an answer to return them. I did send an email to the company. Honestly it’s been so long ago I’m not sure if my email was answered.

Varli - Blue Light Glasses
Cynthia Jennings
Fabulous glasses!

These glasses are better than I anticipated. Sturdy oversized frames with great blocking of blue light.
Would LOVE to purchase this frame in more colours 🤞🏼 Thank you glamour glasses 🤓


Good quality,quick and easy delivery plus super comfortable around the ears plus a lot less eye strain and headaches 🙌🙌💯 I’ll be telling a friend

Love them

Nice light metal frame so they feel very light on your face.

No more Migraines

My glasses were cute and protected my eyes from the light glaring from my phone during the night. I no longer have headaches.

Glamour glasses review

Amazing fit , reduced my headaches !


If I knew how yellow toned the glasses lense was I wouldn’t have picked those ones, I would’ve gone for the clear. Disappointed that this information was not provided.

HI Haylie,

Sorry to hear you're not happy with your purchase. We include both photos and videos to demonstrate how our glasses look in real life. The slight yellow tint is what makes blue light glasses work. In fact, if there was no slight tint, they wouldn't be blue light glasses. We are here to support your needs if you require anything further.

Happy happy

Super cute glasses and fast delivery…they haven’t had much use yet but they soon will.

Thanks for the 5 star review! So happy to hear you're loving your new frames.

love them so much

Such amazing quality, quick shipping time & so gorgeous. Thank you so much GG team :)

I love them

Perfect pairs

I LOVE them!

I’ve tried three other brands of blue light glasses but have not felt like the style and quality of those come anywhere near close to Glamour Glasses!

love the quality

beautiful case comes with it love it

Stunning and Practical

Definitely do the job. I now where these more than my prescription glasses. These are soooo much sexier too lol 😂. So glad I purchased them.

Stunning glasses

Best glasses and so pretty 🤩
They reduce my headaches and I get compliments every time I wear them 💯 recommend 💗

Love them

Absolutely love my new glasses. Love the style and the colour 💗

Pink Ice - Blue Light Glasses

Love My Glamour Glasses!

I absolutely love these glasses, for someone who works from a laptop, I was in need of protection for my eyes because at the end of the day I would get a headache! And when I started using my stylish glamour glasses, the headaches were gone! And not only that, I feel so much more productive because they look so cute on me!


They look amazing, they don’t hurt my head, I sleep amazing & ive only had them for a few days !!!


I absolutely love these glasses! I used to be sceptical about blue light glasses but since trying these, I’ve seriously noticed the difference. I sleep so much better now. They also look super cute and I can’t stop wearing them at work and at home. They go with my style perfectly!


Not only is the design of these shades amazing, the blue light lenses work wonders, I can’t take them off! These glasses have made my eyesight 10 times better, I have less headaches, sleep better and no longer feel as though my eyes are being strained from staring at a screen! Obsessed!

Best investment ever

Best blue light glasses ever, from the girls behind it to the packaging to the overall quality and effort I love them. Have been wearing them at work when I am on the computer for about a week now and have no tired eyes and actually been having a better sleep. Cannot recommend enough x

Gamers heaven

I’m a gamer and have been suffering horrible headaches and migraines. These glasses are just what the doc ordered! They are amazing!! Worth every cent. Thanks Erin!


I love love my glasses it comes in a beautiful box and the glass case is to die for!! Definitely worth the money.
I love them on and go with any outfit 🤩🤩🤩

A M A Z I N G Varli glasses 😍

Definitely my favourite pair of glasses from the whole collection! Definitely Reduced my headaches, as I always have to be on my phone or laptop for work!

Love my glasses

My headaches are gone since wearing my glasses I love them