Blue Light Glasses: All You Need to Know from the Experts

Blue Light Glasses: All You Need to Know from the Experts

Hello girlfriend!

Since you're reading this blog on your electronic device, let me ask you a couple of questions,

Do your eyes feel dry and itchy when you work on your computer?

Do you notice weird headaches right at the back of your eyes after you finish your work?

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

Which is also affecting your mood and energy throughout the day?

This problem is becoming increasingly common in the adult population and will become more common since the use of electronic devices is increasing exponentially.

The reason? Our excessive exposure to blue light.

You may have heard the terms blue light and blue light glasses, but perhaps you may not know what they mean, or you may have heard some sceptical opinions about them. The truth is, your eyes should not be staring at computers for hours every day.

This over-exposure to artificial light is taking energy away from you to enjoy the things that matter. Imagine being able to fall asleep faster, rest better and be more energised through the day to complete your work and spend quality time with your family. Whilst also knowing that you are taking care of your eyes' health in the long run.

The best part is that the solution to these uncomfortable symptoms is easy to solve and only requires one tool.

In this blog, I will dive deep into the concepts and questions you might be having about blue light and blue light glasses, how they can protect your eyes, when is the best time to wear them, what are their benefits and lastly, where to find blue light glasses that work!

I've done my entire research, so you don't have to!

Curious? Let's dive right in:

1. What is blue light?

Blue light is part of the spectrum of light that the human eye can see.

Visible light consists of a spectrum of light rays (or waves), each with its own colour, energy level and size.

The smaller the size of the wave, the higher it is in energy, and thus, the more harmful it can be to your eyes when exposed to it because short waves penetrate deeper into your eyes, reaching the light-sensitive retina at the back of your eyes.

Blue light is the visible light with the highest energy in the entire spectrum of colour.

The following image shows the visible light spectrum for reference:


Source: Luminus Led Lighting 2022.

The sun, lightbulbs, and LED electronic devices (Think about your computer monitor, tablet and phone screen) can all emit blue light.

Blue light has some benefits, and daily exposure can be beneficial. Blue light exposure during the day helps regulate your biological clock, which allows your body to differentiate between day and night. Blue light also helps release hormones that help you feel alert and focused.

However, exposure to this light at night will also have the same effect, which affects your sleep cycle.

In addition, the average adult spends 5.8 hours each day on their mobile phone and at least 8 hours a day on their computer while working. This over-exposure is why the damaging effects of blue light have become more evident.

2. What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses are simply eye frames with a special lens coating that filter shorter waves of visible light (aka. blue light), protecting your eyes from its harmful effects.

Their secret sauce is in the coating of their glasses, usually described as amber-toned lenses.

Users report seeing a slight yellow tone when wearing their glasses which is normal, similar to the anti-blue light mode on your computer or phones.

But how exactly does this coating work?


 3. How do blue light glasses work?

Since blue light is the shortest wave in the visible light spectrum, blue light glasses' special coating filters these waves from travelling through the lens and only allows large waves to pass through.

Other general prescription or reading glasses, even with an anti-reflecting coat, do not commonly come with this unique blue light filter, see video for example:


Source: Downie (et al.) 2019 – Blue Light filtering spectacle lens for visual performance, sleep, and macular health in adults.

 4. When to wear Blue Light Glasses?

You should wear blue light glasses while exposed to electronic screens to minimise the uncomfortable symptoms around your eyes. Especially if you work using a computer in your office or at home, you should use them throughout your shift.

They should also be worn at night, around 1-2 hours before bed, whilst studying, watching TV, gaming or using social media.

Wearing these glasses before bed will prevent disturbing your natural sleep cycle, as it is believed blue light tricks your brain into thinking it is still daytime.

5. What are the benefits of Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light glasses have many health benefits that make your eyes feel more comfortable when working and entertaining yourself on your electronic device. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Prevent visual discomfort: Since blue light is very high-energy, filtering these short waves blocks blue light from reaching the light-sensitive retina at the back of your eye.
  2. Minimises headaches at the back of your eyes: Similar to number 1, blocking this high-energy light helps alleviate and calm the muscles behind your eyes which minimises the chances of headaches.
  3. Helps you fall asleep faster: Your body has a natural clock that helps differentiate between day and night, so your brain knows it is bedtime when it gets dark. However, the shine of blue light through your eyes tricks your brain into thinking it is still daytime. This exposure at night is why watching TV or scrolling through social media before bed can make falling asleep challenging. Blue light glasses filter this shine and optimise your sleeping cycle. So your brain knows when it’s time to go to bed.
  4. Prevents long-term eye diseases: Some researchers believe that too much exposure to blue light over a person’s lifetime might contribute to macular degeneration. Purple and Blue light appears to cause retina damage. (Source: Basic Lens Dispensing Light - ODMA, Eye Talk, Australia)

     6. Where to buy blue light glasses?

    Blue light glasses are still a very new technology, and some local optometrists have started to offer them at an extra cost.

    Some bigger chains like Kmart, Aldi and even Australia Post have started offering them in-store. Blue Light glasses are sold at low prices but compromising the quality. Most of those glasses do not block blue light efficiently.

    If you are looking to buy a pair of high-quality blue light glasses, these are the things you should look for to make the best decision:

    1. Positive reviews from verified customers satisfied with the protection offered by their glasses and have noticed changes in their eye symptoms and sleep cycle.
    2. They are lightweight and sturdy.
    3. The lenses come with a light amber coating but do not distort your sight.
    4. They offer easy returns for a change of mind.

    If you are looking for women’s blue light glasses: 

    1. GLAMOUR GLASSES – Glamour Glasses is the only premium blue light glasses store in Australia that offers blue light and prescription glasses exclusively to women. Whilst maintaining optical-grade quality on all of their frames. Glamour Glasses design its glasses in Australia with a range of pink frames that suit a female’s unique style. Their fashionable frame designs make the glasses functional and a beautiful accessory you want to wear everywhere. They are lightweight and offer customised optical prescriptions.

    Also offers free express fast delivery and you can buy them online here:

    Glamour Glasses



    If you are looking for men’s blue light glasses:

    Some of our suggestions are Ocushield, Blockbluelight and Baxter blue.

    The wrap up

    Your eyes should not be staring at screens all day due to the over-exposure to artificial light.

    If you are experiencing symptoms of dry eyes, headaches and trouble falling asleep at night, you should not ignore the alarm bells your body is giving you to take action.

    Blue light glasses are proven to help minimise discomfort around your eyes and protect them from long-term eye diseases, but more importantly...

    To help you sleep better, live better, and be more energised all day while doing the things that matter the most to you.

    If you are still worried about whether blue light glasses work, remember that exposure to electronic devices has only been increasing in the last decade. Scientists are still working to understand the long-term effect of over-exposure to artificial light, in the meantime, blue light glasses are a great solution.

    Get your energy back with a pair of beautiful blue light glasses, available worldwide with FREE express shipping in Australia and New Zealand.

    I want my energy back!


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