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The lead up to the creation of Glamour Glasses

Part 3.

This blog is the transcribed version of our blog "The Glamour Code" as hosted by our founder Erin Watt. We have broken it up into bite size pieces however if you want to listen to the complete podcast, you can do so HERE on Spotify.

Speaker 1: (16:25)

And so I was just like, no, I just need some time. I need to just prepare to have this baby. And I'll worry about it later. And I was listening cause I always listened to a lot of podcasts and watch motivational speakers on YouTube and read books. And like I said, lots of personal development. So I had heard, um, somebody speaking about eCommerce and I was like, Oh man, that'd be awesome. Like not to be a service based business where you are going out and having to see people. And a lot of the time phase people that don't want to be faced. And I thought being online is a great way to just have things available to people who want them. So I think it was only about a month after I had the baby. Actually, no, that's a lie. It would have been a few weeks because I remember just being at home on the lounge and I'm not meant to drive for six weeks or walk.


Speaker 1: (17:21)

And I was just bored out of my brain and I'm like, all right, I'm just going to start researching it. So I was looking up different products. And then I remembered these time a few years ago and saw this girl on Instagram and she had these blue light classes almost like, wow. And when I was little, I was one of those kids and I do apologize to my mother, but I wanted the glasses so bad that I lied on a test. You know, when you have to read the, um, optometrist board and light on the test. And I was like, Oh, I think that's like a P when it was a B or something. And, and I ended up getting these glasses and while they were like, not like they barely had any prescription in them, um, I wore them everywhere and I loved them.


Speaker 1: (18:07)

And it's funny because now that Glimmerglass has, is growing and it's getting the backlash that I've had is from women who wear glasses, who have always had to wear glasses and they've not been cool to them and they can't comprehend why on earth. Someone would want to wear glasses when they don't need to. Anyway. So I had these glasses and then when I saw this girl on Instagram with these blue light glasses and I was like, Oh my God, you're telling me I can wear like, as an adult, it's acceptable to wear glasses when you don't actually need to, like, they're actually serving a purpose for something else. So I got them, they talk about three weeks to get here. I think I paid about $65. Um, actually I think they were about 50 bucks us. So at the time I think it was probably about 60 bucks or $55 or something.


Speaker 1: (19:01)

It was pretty on par then. And they were the flimsiest things. I think I actually still have them some way the lenses went blue, like bright blue, and they would just, Oh, they were absolute rubbish. And you could tell, like they would just drop ship straight from China. They had no branding on them or whatever. And that company that I got them from, they're actually still around today. And they're actually a really, um, profitable business. And so when I was at home and thinking about what I could do, I remembered these glasses and I think it was, they just started to hit the market like a bit more here at the time. But the companies that were around were like backs to blue. Um, I think that's the only one I really knew, but they were targeting, um, they do men and women's and me being from a marketing kind of background, I wanted to target just women.


Speaker 1: (19:57)

And so I thought, well, there's not really anything in Australia to do that. I got samples of the glasses, the glasses were sheet, to be honest. And I'm like, I just can't sell these. Like I can't bring myself to sell something that I don't love and that I wouldn't be a hundred percent happy with. And so I ended up sourcing a company that felt optical frames, so frames that are purchased by companies, such as RPSM and optometrists. And then they put the prescription lens in them. So they were able to actually add blue light filters to the glasses. And these are the they're 96 block, 96% of blue light. The highest is a hundred obviously. But, um, I think there's one company that does them and the lenses are like bright yellow or bright orange. And yeah, I've got these glasses. I didn't know, honestly how they sell and then leading up to everything.


Speaker 1: (21:00)

I started sharing the process and because I've watched a lot of Gary V like Gary Vaynerchuk, and he says like, just show people what you're doing every day. Like, that's what people want to see everything so edited in today's world that people love seeing authenticity. And so before I even launched, I was sharing like the live unboxings and I had no idea, like I didn't even have time to get samples of the glasses because I put a launch date on the website and I just, yeah, I didn't have any time to get the samples. And I just ordered a couple of hundred pairs and just fingers crossed and hope for the best. And they were actually beautiful and I was so happy and I still have that story up on the Glen glasses page. And so, yeah, we literally, um, we launched really fast and, um, I created a buzz around it on the gun glasses page and I asked followers like, what do you, um, think of this?


Speaker 1: (22:03)

Or, um, just showing different things and still today, that's what a lot of followers say that that's what they really enjoy about our page. And that's what differentiates us from other brands is that were really showing what's going on with our customers. So I'm off to the launch and then things have been very up and down since, and I think that's normal with business. And that's what people don't talk about is that the highs are really high, but the lows are really low. And like initially when I was going into business and I thought like, Oh, I'm not really good at this. I'm not cut out for this. If I was cut out for this, then I'd be better at it. But no, it's not. It's you have to go through those failures. No one ever has a smooth sailing of success to the very top.


Speaker 1: (22:49)

If you start to read books and listen to podcasts, everyone has those lawyers before they have those highs, like you have to endure it. And it's all a, it's all a part of it. It's just a stepping stone. Sorry. I think having learned everything that I learned leading up to this business, it's really, it's made it more, um, really stick, I guess you could say, because, um, I just, when I do get to those points of, um, for example, now this month has been really tough because, uh, we've sold out of all of our stock again. And the last time that we sold out of our stock was it took months to build back up again, like I'm talking months, but at the time it didn't know what I was doing. I hadn't started Facebook ads, my pixel wasn't, um, working very well. It wasn't trained.


Speaker 1: (23:44)

I didn't have a level e-commerce coach either. So now I'm in a much, much better position, but it's still scary because you think like, Oh, you like, how are things going to pick up? Or, um, but it's just all, all part of it. And it's supply chain and inventory management and, you know, knowing how much stock that we've got to have on hand to be able to supply our customers and like, you never get it right. I mean, our sales, when they're growing 200%, month to month, um, our last month we did 25 K and the month before that was eight. So it's like, you, it's really hard to determine how much you're going to sell and how many, how much stock you're going to have to buy, because it's just growing all the time. And then on top of it, there's like a two months of weight as well.


Speaker 1: (24:29)

So it's, um, there's a lot of different struggles like that. But if I had come into this thinking that at the first side of a failure or a hiccup or something going wrong, that I'm not cut out for this, then I would have quit a long time ago. And so I think that is the point, I guess I want to get across in this very first podcast and what I talk about a lot on my Glenn glasses page. And that is that even though most people don't share the lows, they're there, they're definitely there. And they're meant to be, they're a stepping stone to your success. So yeah, I know I've rambled a little bit for the very first podcast. I'm going to go back through and give it a look and edit, but I hope you enjoyed it. I would love if you could give us a rating on here. Um, it's really just going to help to show others what the podcast is about and yeah. All right. Well, thank you so much for listening. I will definitely improve upon the rambling next time. I hope you all have a great day.

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